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New chicks on the way

rainbow_layers_mainI just made an order for an assortment of new chickens for this summer. This is the first time I have ordered them through the mail. I usually like to go to the store and pick them out. But since we don’t have any local spots to get them (without pre-orders) I thought why not just order them directly. So I went to Murray McMurray, which is a nationally respected place to get all things chickens.

I order 25 of their Rainbow Layer Special…from their website:

If you aren’t set on a particular breed, here is your chance to get a variety of layers that all lay well. Chickens which lay white, tinted, and brown eggs will be supplied in this beautiful assortment. At least 5 different varieties of our choice are included in Rainbow Layers from these groups of chicks: White Egg Layers, Heavy Breeds, Araucanas, and Rare and Unusual Varieties. We cannot guarantee that breeds from all groups will be included. If you’re looking for good layers and want a discount price, our Rainbow Layers will fit the bill.

They will be coming in April and we are excited to see them grow and add them to our current group of year old birds. We will of course share a few with any of our friends that wish to start their own flock.

Spruce the Coop…I won something!

Nest 1

I was reading The Chicken Chick blog the other day. I try to stop by Kathy’s site frequently to stay up to date and motivated about being a chickenier  (I don’t think that is a word but I like it)  She has one of the most extensive networks and seems to be ahead of the curve on the life of the chicken and love her stuff.
Well I was reading this particular blog about putting herbs in the coop and nesting boxes and the great benefits that it has for the chickens and pest control. She has developed Spruce the Coop Herbal Fusion™.   It has the following items Bay leaves, Calendula petals, Catnip, Chamomile (Egyptian), Cinnamon chips, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Orange peel granules, Oregano, Peppermint, Rose petals, Spearmint, Tansy, and Wormwood.  Please check out her site to see more…it all really cool.

Well I have always appreciated what she writes and how she is such a resource to this particular community so I left a note on her blog (which is nice to do on people’s blogs every once in awhile. Hint. Hint) Here is what I said,

Thanks for all you share into the chicken community. Hoping to get my second coop up after the snow melts!
A few days later I got a twitter and email message saying I won a sachet of the fusion! I didn’t even know I was entering a contest when I left the note.  Well I won anyway and she sent me a really nice gift. I am really excited to get the coop up now and see how the ladies like the mix. That is if I don’t brew it over hot water and make a nice tea with it. It smells amazing!
Thanks Kathy.

The Foster Chickens have been adopted

Where did my friends go?

Where did my friends go?

Just a quick update on the ladies in the garage…They are just over five weeks old and all excited about life. I started with 20 and now am down to 14 because my friend David got his coop done before me and took them to their “forever home”.  We have been foster parents for kids and when they leave it was always hard to see them go. This time around with chickens it is much easier. We were sad for a minute or two but know they would be going to a great home with Dad and at least of the daughters are excited about their new pets makes it much easier.

Check out his coop that he built, I just have this one picture sent from a text. I hope to get more pictures soon of the coop and girls to blog about! But for now here are a few from my garage coop.

Digging lumber up from the snow

2013-04-15 09.46.26

Got to my friend’s house to pick up some of his lumber he had in stock for my chicken coop. He picks up sales all the time and had some extra 2×4, 4×4, and siding for me. I figured out I will need to give him a dozen eggs every week for 10 years to repay him!

We designed it on his computer then went out to his shed and this is what we came up with. We needed to load it on the tractor from D & G Equipment (another friend of ours) to get it through the snow to the other side of his shop. With the side door slid open we pulled in the 2×4 and got them cut to specs. I then labeled each piece to make construction much easier…once the snow stops coming down.

I brought the lumber home in my urban truck, otherwise known as a mini van with the seats removed!



Snow or not my girls need a home


There continues to be a steady outpour of snow here in the Northwoods but that cant stop me from getting my 20 chicks a better home. They are still doing great in the garage pen i set up but progress is still needed. These are my plans for the coop. My friend helped me lay it all out on the computer. Those that are local can probably figure out who would put a chicken coop through their CAD program. He has been such a great friend. Today I am filling up the back of the van with some lumber and will start building the walls in the garage very soon. If the snow stays any longer i might need some help chicksitting at your house.

We don’t need an Easter Bunny…We got Chicks

2013-03-25 18.20.40

After a two year stoppage AGrowingFamily is back in the chicken business. Since leaving Washington we have wanted to get chickens again. This summer among other things we are going to get a garden going and have a few chickens to compliment the growing vegetables. On my day off this last week I took off for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (Why the U.P. isn’t part of Wisconsin is beyond me. But that is another post.) in search of some chicks I could actually pick out.

Yes I could have ordered through the mail but I like to see them first. The Tractor Supply Store in Iron Mountain, MI was the nearest spot where I could make this happen. So I took the trek by myself and spent some time in the store and met a nice lady that was a customer who took about 30 minutes to get me back up to speed in the world of chickens. She was amazing and it reminded me about what I wrote about in my book Ride On about the motorcycle community. There are many similarities.

With a full cart of supplies I needed and 20 chickens in a box I was on my way back home. I made a nice size brooder box with some cheap plywood and shipping flats that I had. I added the lights and feeding containers and we were in business. I got way more than I need because I am growing some for friends. They of course came over during the week to check them out.

Now I need to figure out the fencing and a coop for outside. (But we wouldn’t want to be too far ahead of ourselves.)


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