Here we go..

Well not really. We have been going for awhile, but have just wanted to share about our journey with you. We have been married for 16 years and one thing we have found is that we communicate better via writing.  So if no one reads this blog…that is ok. It is really so we can let each other in on what we are thinking.  Writing allows us to communicate with each other more than talking.  

We hope to share a bit about being a foster family and the joys and sorrow that goes along with having kids in and out of our lives. It is such a privilege to be able to help families in this way.  Christy has a lot to share about what she is learning about the system, kids, and raising your own kids as well as anothers.

I like to garden.  After our first year I am totally stoked about getting this next year going. I will continue to push the envelope a bit so if you are a master gardener you might want to steer clear.  I like to start my seeds a bit early and see what happens.

Well overall we are just a family that is growing!

4 responses to “Here we go..”

  1. Kim Neill says :

    Love it. Love you guys and love your family! Thanks for opening up your family and sharing with us your journey. I will be gleaning wisdom Im sure from you guys and maybe even some veggies!

    You rock!


    • joseph says :

      Thanks Kim.. you guys rock. I got some good garden stuff coming and Christy has some great things from foster care and parenting. Forcing us all to grow.

  2. Natalie says :

    This is a cool idea. I hope you guys provide insight and inspiration to others. I know it’s given me some ideas on possibly expanding my communications.

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