Arriving at a major life decision

How do you arrive at making major decisions?   Are you the type that goes with your gut?  Do you consider yourself a risk taker or a cautious tip toer  (I am sure that is a word even though my spell check rejects it.) Do you rely on personal instinct?   Do you watch what others do and assimilate another’s ideas into your own?  Any list makers out there? Do you think within the box (current structure) or outside of the box?   Are you always dreaming, plotting  and planning for the future?  Maybe  a forward thinker or do you live in the moment?  Do you start your day praying, not my will but Yours be done?  Do you look to others to make decisions for you?

 I pick all of the above. 

One  major  decision  Joseph and I have made  in our married life, has been to keep  education a priority.   We started out our married life as poor college students.  We both worked full-time jobs while being full- time students. I found out I was pregnant with Amelia shortly after finishing my undergrad.  Joseph started his Master’s program a few weeks after Elliot was born and again his Phd within weeks of Samuel’s birth. 

We have pictures of all three kids in the same position, across Joseph’s arms while he typed papers on his computer.  While Joseph was growing up, he watched his Mom work tirelessly year after year in effort to complete her BA.  He told me he would not marry me unless I  finished my degree.   Needless to say…I finished and so the marriage is valid.

No matter how you look at it, education is expensive.  Joseph married into a good amount of student loans.  He was definitely not in it for the money.  Education is personal.  As a parent  you have to own your decisions regarding education because it effects generations to come. Only you can advocate on your child’s behalf.    During Amelia and Elliot’s first few years, we chose to home school.  As the clique goes, parents are a child’s best teacher and at no other time in a child’s life will you as a parent have this much influence.  We lived in two different parts of the country during that season and the flexibility was a gift. 

For the past 5 years all three of our kids have had the privilege of attending Northshore Christian Academy.  The standard of excellence in all things education has left it’s mark.  The teachers have invested and cared well for our treasures.   As a family we have all sacrificed  to make it possible for them to be a part of this great learning community. 

We now have found ourselves at an educational cross-road again.  Recently we took a tour of our local middle school.  Joseph and I were prepared to speak on behalf of Amelia and Elliot and what we found was that we were not given the opportunity.  Not because of the staff,  but because our children represented themselves well.  They asked great questions and didn’t settle for pat answers.  They were clear and concise and in the end left with college brochures in hand.  They spend the afternoon planning for what the next several years might look like. 

Upon completion of my college degree, my Dad expressed how proud he was of me. I was officially smarter than he (according to him).  He would have loved the opportunity to further his education but it wasn’t in the cards for him.  I was given a gift and at that moment, I knew it.  It also came with responsibility.  Now I had to do something with what I had learned.  

When our kids school us,  like when we were on that tour, the words of my Dad come back to me.  Our kids are going to excell and exceed our educational experience.  They have already begun.   Now comes the fun part…to see what they will do with it.

One response to “Arriving at a major life decision”

  1. Janna says :

    Excellent blog Christy (as usual). We experienced this when we had to decide on a school for Aimee in Kindergarten. It was a sacrifice at that time (and still is) but she has since come to learn the priority of education in our home and the sacrifice that may be necessary because of it. We find ourselves struggling again with the decision of her education as she enters 6th grade this Fall.

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