Expanded our acreage

We have a huge green belt gully behind our house that we have explored from time to time. Usually after getting eaten by the blackberry thorns we come back crying and swear never to return.  This summer the five kids are much more adventurous and wanted to cut the path way down the hill to make it easier to harvest the berries come fall.  So just past the worm compost box they cut through the thorns and disappeared into the abyss.  Not to be stopped with just a cleared path they decided to make a couple of forts.  They found the remains of one of our tents that blew over the fence 3 years ago and have used that for one of the shelters.
We plan on connecting this path to the main one we have been on at the bottom of the gulch but have yet to find a good entry point.  More to come..but in the mean time check out their creation and please don’t let the city know we just doubled our yard space.

This is a steep hill through blackberry bushes


Through the berries into the clearing


Fort for three..not weather proof yet

2 responses to “Expanded our acreage”

  1. Linda Sandmann says :

    not quite like the yard you grew up in!

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