Coop It Up

I don’t have permission yet to have chicken with my local homeowners association, but I am a man of faith. So I am completing the coop project.  Once our endless rain lets up and the wood dries I need to stain it. I also need to attach the metal roof. Check out the photos and let me know what you think.  I plan on getting my new baby chickens on Wednesday. 

egg and main door open

Run door open

this is the hatch door open so the girls can get out and about in the yard

yard door closed

double perch

nesting box with back door open

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4 responses to “Coop It Up”

  1. Carina says :

    Looks great, Joseph! Hope all goes well with the HOA. They can be a tough crowd, but you’re good at reading people and negotiating. I’d think as long as you aren’t planning to have a rooster, it’ll be an easier sell. (Roosters are loud!) Plus, the Seattle area is pretty “hip” with the green, local, blah, blah, blah so raising your own food should be a plus with them.

  2. Kimmi says :

    It seems like everyone is making coops these days! I hope you get you hens! I would love to have some, but can’t at my address. Good luck to you, and I hope you enjoy them!

    • joseph says :

      Thanks Kimmi.. I can’t have them at my address yet either. Just found out a couple weeks ago my homeowners association says no to chickens. They are reviewing it for me. love your site. I wish i would have had a site my first year of gardening.

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