New Babies Room

So the plan today is to fill this Rubbermaid Tupperware with little chickens today. My local Everett Coop is planning on receiving three different types of chicken.  Ameraucana, Rhode Island and Plymouth Rock are the options they plan on getting.  Brooder boxes come in all different sizes but they don’t have to be anything special. The main thing is heat and keeping the lamp close enough to keep them warm, but not over heated. As they get older you need to raise the light.  


A home with no residents

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4 responses to “New Babies Room”

  1. Linda Sandmann says :

    So how many are you planning on getting? Have you done this before?

    • joseph says :

      We are planning on getting 10 chicks.. we have a few others that want them when they get older.. we are going to keep 5 hens. We did chickens back in Osceola with rabbits when i was younger. have not chicken in the city before

  2. Wendy Wirtz says :

    Yes…please do not cook the birds. This is not meatlovers fest.

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