Eye Spy a Bee

Don’t tell my wife (or my neighborhood association) but I am really thinking that bees are really cool. We have a bunch that are making our place home because of our raspberry bushes in the backyard. These are the pollinating type, not the wasp sting you to death ones.  I just like hang out with them and see how close I can get.  They could care less that I am there as they hop (or flutter) to another flower.  I think I might put bees on my animals to come list, after the chickens, rabbits, and goats.  Selling honey by 2013.   

can you spot the two bees?

just one bee's knee here.

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4 responses to “Eye Spy a Bee”

  1. Elizabeth says :

    Hi back!
    Nice blog 🙂 I’m actually thinking about getting bees myself. Seriously. I’m attending a summer party/meeting with bee keepers very soon. I’ll post the report, and hope to produce honey next year! Bees are decreasing in numbers, and its vital that more people start bee keeping.

    • joseph says :

      We really need more of them out there. My wife read my blog and already put the “no” on bees. Oh well. Thanks for coming by.

  2. TC Conner says :

    Hi Joseph, thanks for stopping by The Write Gardener’s blog! He(I) enjoys it when new visitors come by, and especially when they take the time to leave a nice comment!

    Bees have been really struggling lately haven’t they? What with all the goings on about Colony Collapse Disorder, it’s good that lots of folks are doing their part to help the honey makers recover. And the health benefits of honey are numerous!

    About the potatoes, I’m trying a new method of planting this year that I first heard about after watching a YouTube video of Ruth Stout’s Garden. My plants are healthy (so far) growing out from the straw, but I’ve not checked for potatoes yet. I usually plant potatoes in rows, and keep them hilled as they grow, but wanted to try Ruth Stout’s method because it’s less labor intensive.

    We’re all hoping this year isn’t like last when late blight hit the northeast and mid-Atlantic states! I grow mostly all heirloom tomatoes and only harvested a half-dozen or so due to the disease! This year I’ve spaced my plants three feet apart, and I’m mulching everything with straw.

    Good luck with all your gardening endeavors, and again, thanks for stopping by my blog!

    • joseph says :

      my mom did the straw bales this year and they haven’t worked out for her. the slugs love them too much. We have tried several different plants and none are successful. too much rain i think in the northwest… thanks for reading.

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