Tampons and Trains

Riding the train, watching the sunset, observing sleep take over our youngest, and typing on a laptop.  The mountains are beautiful and  the quiet hum of the train is tranquil.  I can hear the Vantrap  family singers singing in my head, the hills are alive with The Sound of Music …..  I just had a funny  encounter with one of the train workers.  A man probably in his early seventies, just came and sat next to me.  He asked me, “Maam can I ask you a really personal question?”  I was a bit taken back but thought, sure why not, what else do I have to do right now.  He proceeded to ask me if I happened to have any of those lady products, you know feminine hygiene stuff with me packed in my bag.  Apparently another lady friend on the train was in need.  I wished I could help him out. Such a sweet man.  Hope he found another lady friend in the next car up.

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