Chickens are out

When we got home from Wisconsin we started to let our chickens out into the run for the day. We are growing a four of them for a friend so the hen-house is a bit small for them now that they are bigger. They have been loving it outside.  Eating food out of our hand is still a favorite past time.   

cool things about chickens is that they go to sleep at night without you telling them.  The fist night they were in the run they started to next down on the ground so I got in the pen and helped them to go up the run. The second night the white Amerucana tried to round them up the steps and one didn’t want to go. I help her up via the outside door. This was a mistake, because the next night she was clueless of what to do.  So I got inside the cage and put her in the right door.  

Now like clockwork I go outside at 9pm and they are already inside the house waiting for my to close the door to the run. One night I was out late and wondering if they would stay in the house with the door open or not. I got home at 10 and they were asleep.  Good chicks!  


This whiter one is ring leader


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