Winter Blues

Well you have heard of the winter blues in gardening. That is when you don’t get alot of production and there isn’t much you can do in the outdoor arena.  These winter blues were nonexistant because we could still go out to the coop and pull out 4-5 eggs a day for the hen house. 
But the blues came a knocking. 
We got the official “you have chickens in our neighborhood and we are fining you” letter.  (Note to all those yet to buy a house, make sure to read your homeowners bylaws if you have an association. Also assume that they will inforce them at anytime even if rules were not being inforced when you moved in.)
So the five laying hens, that have become pets to us, are gone along with my really nicely built coop.  We did get to give the whole operation to great friend of the family and they will be able to have the ladies for awhile.

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