Going Up!

Jere and Lynn Wright, our friends since our first days in Washington eight years ago, couldn’t have us leave Seattle before we got to go up the Space Needle. So while we were down in Oregon they insisted (in their really non pushy nice way) that they treat us to a ride to the top. So with only three possible days left for the adventure we decided to strike on our way back up north. It was sunny and not very windy so up we went. For those of you that know me I am not a fan of tall structures. I get dizzy just looking at them from the ground. But this was a most enjoyable journey as got to go around the orb looking at the different views of the city. I told the kids if they looked really hard they could see the Mall of America. They didn’t buy into what I was selling.

Notice who is standing back a couple feet

Jere encouraging me to step up a bit.

No that is not a foster kid next to us.

6 responses to “Going Up!”

  1. Kristen (Burke) Driscoll says :

    Your daughter has excellent taste in sweatshirts!

  2. joseph says :

    Kristen a friend of ours here gave all of the kids sweat shirts for the U of Washington and North Central U. Pretty cool gift for the kids.

  3. Lynn Wright says :

    Note to tour guide self. If you invite someone to the space needle, you should first ask if they are afraid of heights. Who would have thought fearless Joseph….

    • joseph says :

      I conquered my main free driving on long bridges over water when we crossed the Columbia at Astoria earlier in the day. So that was no problem. I did feel like fainting every time I raised my hands to take a picture.

      • Lynn Wright says :

        you should be ok in rhinelander then, nothing tall, no long bridges over water. Sounds safe.

  4. Lynn Wright says :

    or are there long bridges over water in Rhinelander, but it’s just that they are over solid ice 9 months of the year?

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