Happy to not wear pajamas

When we were deciding if we should be the lead pastors at South Everett Foursquare four years ago we met with Chuck and Ann Loomis to get their feedback and advice. They were a great couple that we befriended at our previous church. They encouraged us to pursue the new position and gave us, as we came to expected, honest feedback. We decided to take the position but only if they would come along for the ride. I don’t think they expected this ride.

So when we announced our leaving WA I immediately got on the calendar last supper with the Loomis. We didn’t want the calendar to get filled up without having one last meal with them. I said to them we came in with a meal and we would like to go out with one.

When our dinner came closer they informed us that we would be going out to dinner and not to come to their house in our pajamas. So on a Sunday night we met up and they took us to the Palisades Restaurant on the shores of Elliott Bay in Seattle. This is a great place overlooking the sail boats and cruise ship docks. We got a spectacular view of Seattle at sunset. With open hearts we shared life together one last time and with open mouths we shared one last meal. We, as is customary with Chuck and Joseph, ate way too much.

Thanks Chuck and Ann for eight great years. We hope your return on investment was high!

Fish + Big Shrimp over mushrooms and spicy sauce = explosion in mouth

Christy’s meal was the perfect trifecta: scallops, filet mignon, smoked asparagus

Us not wearing our pajamas

2 responses to “Happy to not wear pajamas”

  1. Ann Loomis says :

    Joseph & Christy,
    What a ride it’s been the last 8 years. Time has gone by so quickly and soon you’ll be starting the next big adventure in your life. I think Chuck would agree with me and say that the two of you have been the most influential people to us because you let us do life together with you. It’s been great to see God work through you and with you and prepare you for what is next. Thank you for honesty, pushing, and encouragement. We look forward to many good meals together with you in the future. We love you!

    • joseph says :

      Ann, as always, you are totally gracious with your words towards us. I might push but you pull! Thanks for your mentorship these years and those that come.

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