Churchless Pastor on tour.


Today was father’s day and Christy was not home and I was up north with my kids and parents for the weekend.  When Sunday morning rolled along I thought to myself what does a churchless pastor do on a free weekend? Go to as many different churches as possible was my response to my seemingly rhetorical question. So off I was in the morning with my kids still sleeping the summer away.

I first went to Lifeway Foursquare in Arlington pastored by my good friend Chad Blood.  Chad started this church about four years ago in the heart of Old Arlington and it is a great body that meets at one of the local schools.  You will quickly realize that these guys don’t think mobile means you should skimp. If I was doing a mobile church I think I would throw up a sound system and let everyone know to grab a chair on the way in.  Not Lifeway, they have tables, coffee, fake walls, kid corrals, literature counters and a full stage of instruments and screens.  They did everything right to make you feel you weren’t in a gym. I also got to drink a bottle of Dad’s Root Beer during this great service.

I next went back to base camp and picked up my kids and father to head to Stanwood Foursquare for the 11:30 service.  I believe this would be the first time I have ever attended a service at such a late hour and was very curious to see what type of person would choose to mess up the middle of the day by going to church.  Lo and behold they all looked similar to me.  We all enjoyed every minute of this meaningful gathering. For Father’s Day I even kept my youngest with me and he endured well. It was great to see so many friends.

I then stopped of at New Life Church in Everett for their evening service. This is the same service as their morning however you could tell there was no time constraint of another service. Everyone seemed more chill. There gatherings are top notch as you would expect from a larger church. What you wouldn’t have expected was how intimate and unshowy it was.  Real and authentic meet professional. It was really neat to get to see a few of the youth and adults I got to know at camp.

I spent my fourth service online in the car on the way to seatac. Some would say this is not church and even a couple years ago I would have agreed. But with technology we are invited into someone elses house and can partake in what they are eating.  I got to be feed by Joshua Ferguson who is pastoring the people I just left. So for the interim I guess he is my pastor.  It is pretty clear to catch online how relaxed and open he is with his new flock and how they have a gifted communicator of God truths.  It will great to spend next weekend with them as we pass the baton on to them.

The thing that I take away from the day was that the Christian faith is alive and there are a number of places where anyone can grow in their faith.  The cool thing also was that a couple of the places were using similar topics for their messages but yet how and what they communicated was uniquely them. One of them used a Scripture that I used just a couple weeks earlier and his message was nothing like mine. I thought it beautiful to know the Scripture is unchanging but yet new and fresh every morning. Each of the churches also are doing great things not just for by with their respective communities.

It was a great way for me to spend my churchless pastor day.  Which is good sense I was going through withdrawals.


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