Deer Processing

The crew of hunters on the property I was on for the week harvested six deer total (yes the new guy got two of them).  On the Monday after the season several of us gathered to process the meat. This was great learning experience to see (and touch) the creation that God has made for us.  The buck I got on Thanksgiving was huge and made up the majority of the meat for ground venison.  We got chops, round steaks, and tenderloin for everyone as well as over 180 pounds of misc pieces we use for ground.

We also brought a tenderloin offering over to the neighbors that were really noisy on Thanksgiving day and probable the reason the big buck came wondering my way.  The cool thing about this part of the season is that you learn so much the animal.  For instance we learned that if I would have shot a couple inches lower the buck would probable still be alive (see picture with the arrow. We did a little CSI Rhinelander to show the trajectory of the bullet.  When cutting out the tenderloin back strap we also learned that the buck was shot by an arrow the previous year and the tip stopped right at the back bone.

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