Run like the wind…or at least ride a bike

For those that know me you probably weren’t and were at the same time were shocked that I became the interim middle school cross-country coach recently.  Because of the previous coach leaving mid-season I volunteered to see the year out for those kids involved.  You are not shocked because I love cross-country and encouraging young people to succeed. You probably were on the perplexed side because you couldn’t imagine me actually running. Both feelings are excepted.

I got to coach 26 students for 4 of their 6 races and I had a blast. I am always encouraged to see young women and men striving for their best and when we take off the limitations they continue to grow. With some guidance, coaching and some tough practices many of these students took several minutes off their times. I didn’t run with them much, because my knees don’t care for that much, but did ride my bike along side for many of the practices.

At our awards gathering many of them and their parents spoke to me about how much fun they had with me. I guaranteed them that I had much more fun and that wasn’t because I didn’t run much. They were such a delight. Their parents and our community can be really proud these students.   Here are two team pictures and one of my son Elliot.

3 responses to “Run like the wind…or at least ride a bike”

  1. monaschild says :

    Elliot has great form! I see Cross Country kids out running all the time where I live and while the kids are fast, it blows my mind that their coaches are not focusing on proper running form. Nice to see that Elliot has it! Glad you had fun coaching, I would LOVE to coach cross country, maybe those kids would make me a faster runner!

  2. JeremyInDenver says :

    Elliot does have great form. His head is upright as opposed to those who “chase” their head. He has a forward lean from the ankles (not the hips) and it would appear that his foot is landing directly below his center of mass. I’d guess he’s a forefoot striker as well.

    He must have a good coach 🙂

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