Motorcycle Section Overview

Many are asking what my Motorcycle book is about and here is part of the answer.  When I was writing it I had in mind these three sections that each of the chapters would fall into as a natural progression. These were the overarching concepts that I wanted to have come out as we awake our soul and rediscover our Maker.  Check them out.

(Section One) Searching for the Soul: Engine Rebuilding.

Just like when you recover an old antique from a sale and need to decide if it is worth refurbishing, so it is with the soul. Some feel it is better to just leave desires and dreams dormant and just be about life. Others think it better to awaken them and experience the pain as well as the joy as you journey. This section will focus much on the idea that the journey of discovery is more important than just arriving safely at the destination.

(Section Two) Lessons from the Road: Tune Up & Routine Adjustment

In life one must always be in the attitude of growth and learning. It is never good to be static. Even if things are going great, there are lessons to be learned. This section looks at five simple lessons that all bikers have experienced and all can relate to.

(Section Three) Continued Evaluation: Maintenance and Upkeep

If life is about a journey with a destination ahead, then everyone needs continued check-up evaluations to make sure they are heading in the right directions. These evaluations have more to do with our heart and attitudes. Issues of priorities and pride creep in and can short-circuit the whole adventure of growth and awakening our soul.

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