Motorcycle Stored…Memories Flow

Finally put the bike away for the winter. The battery is out and I have wrapped it with sleeping bags that Christy and I got for our wedding. It now will lay dormant for the winter hoping not to get hit by the car coming in and out of the garage.

This of course made me think about some of the great rides I took this last year.  I put on several thousand miles this last spring, summer and fall and the two rides that stood out to me were ones taken with family.

Katie, Steve, Mary, Joseph, Greg

Katie, Steve, Mary, Joseph, Greg

Bill, Joseph, Mark

Bill, Joseph, Mark

The rainy Memorial Day Weekend ride with my Uncles Steve and Greg, Aunt Mary and Cousin Katie just around the Northwoods of Wisconsin was a charmer as Greg was rocking the bike without a sidecar. Priceless.

Then there was the ride through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my Father in Law Bill and Brother in Law Mark. That was a long hot day as we rode up to Lake Superior and the Lake in the Clouds. I can close my eyes now and feel the burn on my feet from the sand.

Until Spring…Ride On!

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