Digital bookstore for my motorcycle book is up


As most of you know I will be publishing a book about my motorcycle and how it (or other such things) can awaken your soul and help you rediscover who God is. It has been a long process and it is coming to the end. As with all things in life there is one more thing that you always need to do. Setting up modes for you to buy the book is one of those things.

Here is my very own author page on Createspace that is set up for Ride On.  What do you think?

Check the page out here.

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9 responses to “Digital bookstore for my motorcycle book is up”

  1. ebikerleatherblog says :

    Looks good all the important information are there.

  2. Elise Loomis says :

    Yes- please inform us when the download version is available! And side-note (the above says “respouses” instead of “responses.”) Looking forward to reading this!

    • joseph says :

      That is really crazy… never noticed. That is a wordpress/theme issue i need to dig into. Thanks Elise. By the way, I will never catch up but I am trying to be like Rob in the goatee category

    • joseph says :

      It’s a font issue.. it does say responses but looks like respouses. Will need to figure that out now.. thanks for caring enough to tell me..

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