Ride On is Free Friday on Kindle

I wanted to give my blog readers the heads up that this Friday, February 1 at midnight(ish) my kindle version of Ride On will be free for a limited time. Could you please help me by getting the word out to your sphere of influence about this offer. Also as we get ready could you leave a review on Amazon for me. Hundreds of books are free and I would like mine to stand out as one people who don’t know me might actually want to read.

Why am I doing this for free?

  1. It is not about the money but getting people reintroduced to a Jesus that I believe would have ridden a motorcycle and hung out with bikers. He is not irrelevant in our society and bikers are not hell raisers. I hope some day to just break even on my expenses for this project but that will come in time.
  2. I can. Since I am self publishing my kindle version with Kindle Direct Publishing I have the opportunity to give out my book for free at various times as well as have people borrow it for free any time if they are an Amazon Prime member.
  3. I want to say thanks to each of you that have purchased the paperback or kindle version by letting you share this opportunity with your friends and family. This is a zero risk proposition for you to recommend with no strings.
  4. It’s close to groundhog day. We will watch how the book does and if a lot of people download it for free that could mean…well it probably won’t mean anything. But just like watching Punxsutawney Phil this will be fun!

See you on the road!

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