Kids Cook Night : A new family tradition

This is what I am envisioning

This is what I am envisioning

A month ago I had this idea for some family bonding around the dinner table. It was to have each of the kids be responsible for an evening meal at least once a month. I remember growing up and having to get the meal ready for my family as they hard to work long hours each day. My favorite meal to prepare was ground hamburger with lots of garlic salt and melted cheese on the top with a side of toast. They seemed to always be happy to see the kitchen all smoked up and a pile of ground beef on a plate.

All three of my kids are pretty familiar with the kitchen and helping out but it usually revolves around the plans that Christy and I set for the evening. So I ran the idea of having each of them be in charge of the whole meal once in a while. As with most of my ideas they gave me the “here we go again” look.

But they were game to try. The idea is that each of the kids will have a night that they have to plan the menu, make sure we have the necessary ingredients, and also solicit help for other if that is needed. My hope is that they will learn about all the amazing tools they have at their disposal and build a library of meal that they can use as they launch out on their own.

It has been fun to see them use technology (we like the app on the kindle) and old fashion cookbooks from our moms. Stay tuned for updates on how this is going!

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4 responses to “Kids Cook Night : A new family tradition”

  1. fudgingood says :

    That is an amazing idea. Your kids will thank you for this once they have left home.

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