Family trip…to eye doctor

2013-02-15 11.53.28

Most families take a trip to the water park, zoo, or to visit grandma.  Not the FehlenFive. We take trips to the eye doctor and do it all together. Minus Christy, because she was with her mother at the hospital, I took the three kids for their yearly eye exam. It has been actually more than a year since their last visit, but who is counting. 

The eye exams diagnosis went like this:

Joseph still has Episcleritis and will pay for the education of any young person that finds a cure for it. Eye vision has not changed.

Amelia has always seen doubles and object don’t line up. She has learned to cope with this over the years but the doctor says there are glasses that can help with this. They put prisms in the lens to help line things up. We will see if it works.

Elliot has zero prescription

Samuel has zero prescription but does have a “freckle” inside his eye that they will keep a watch on in the coming years.

I have had glasses since the sixth grade and have had my share of eye exams over the years. Overall I am amazed at the technology that is used for exams and was fun for me to watch from the other side of the chair. It was also fun to talk to the doctor about how intricate the eye is and how he can tell a lot about the overall health of a person by looking inside their eyes.

It made me a believer again in God. When you look at our bodies I have to believe in a divine Creator. He so creatively made our bodies

We thought you would also want to see some of the pictures

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2 responses to “Family trip…to eye doctor”

  1. katyquilts says :

    I am sure the kids were thrilled that you took pics during the process! Actually, Samuel clearly enjoyed it :).

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