Celebrating Life : A reflection of my mother

crab This week we want to celebrate my mother and her legacy. She was born on February 23 and died last year on February 28.  Much of who I am today is because of her impact on my life.

This picture her of her fishing for crab is a great photo representing her love for adventure and trying new things. I shows the same for my father also as he hated putting his small fishing boat in salt water. But they would make the trek out and bring in loads.

Then we would all gather around the picnic table outside their home and prepare ourselves for a full-blown crab feast with all the fixens and add-on.  When it was ready she would dump the cooked catch out and say dig in! Then sit down and partake in the bounty with the whole family.

Let’s all live our life to the fullest. Let’s not be limited by having too small a boat or any other circumstances that we might encounter.  Reach in and grab that snapping crab in your life and say…man you are going to taste good cooked up!

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26 responses to “Celebrating Life : A reflection of my mother”

  1. jeff says :

    That’s cool. My dad died about 6 years ago and I remember similar types of things. “Go do stuff” is a great lesson. One wonders why we have to be reminded of it, but we do.

  2. Kathy Limanen says :

    I love that your Mom was so gutsy. She was a hoot always up for a new adventure. One of the first Bible studies she taught at Maranatha was for women going through Menopause (tee hee). She started the class wtih “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”… She had a way of always seeing the best of times. I miss her!
    Kathy Limanen

  3. Linda Sandmann says :

    Thanks Joe – your Mom certainly left a legacy. A life worth remembering.

  4. Bruce Johnson says :

    Very nice reflection on your Mom. It’s been a long time since OHS in 1969, but she will always me remembered and missed.

  5. Charlene says :

    My life has been forever changed because of her. I remember the day she decided we needed to take a ride in her red convertible. First she would open the trunk and we would pick out the right hat and scarf. I miss her so much.

  6. luci stine says :

    I praise god everyday for bringing your mother into my famalies life! I miss her.

  7. Lisa Marie Rybacki Thompson says :

    Eileen made a huge inpact on me and our family. Her love, support and encouragement I truly miss most of all her wonderful bear hugs. I miss her so much.

  8. Debbie Anthony says :

    You Mom was my co-worker and then my supervisor at Hazelden…and then we became friends. I am eternally grateful for the way she touched my life. She is a gift, indeed!

  9. Karla Fiorella says :

    She was a wonderful woman and is missed by many. So glad God brought her into our lives. I remember spending a Christmas with your mom, dad, and your family. Lots of laughs and lots of joy. Life should be taken by the horns and lived like your riding the bull.

  10. Deyanne Koster says :

    When my husband was in the hospital Eileen called and asked if there was anything I needed and I shared I needed a pair of those Lucy Red Wax lips – I should have known – Eileen never did anything small – She brought me 12 pair – As we were sitting vigil over my husband and his home going – I couldn’t help but get the giggles when I looked around the room and saw several of my grandkids and a few parents adorning this beautiful and loving gesture – Eileen knew how to get through the tough times – I could never repay her enough –

  11. Patricia McIntyre says :

    I loved your mother Joe, she was one in a million. I have fond memories of her from when we lived in the trailer court. We were together a lot, and I loved going out to your grandma Osterbauer (Marge). I thought the world of her, too, and your mother was a lot like her. They were two of “Gods” very special people. So loving, caring, giving and would be there for you at all cost, and that is a very special friend. I loved getting your grandma’s eggs, they were the best. One comforting thing, you know they are together again in paradise. How wonderful is that. I bet she is having a glorious birthday today, and she is with you in spirit. Hug’s to you today Joe, on her birthday. (-:

  12. Beth Colaizy says :

    Joseph I think of your mom so often…. What a mom and woman she was and what a beautiful legacy she left in you, your brother and families. My memories of her and my privilege of being her friend will last my entire life. Beth Colaizy

  13. Sheri Stevens says :

    Joseph much of who I am and who my son is today is because of the impact your mother had on our lives. Thanks for sharing her with us we are forever grateful.

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