Root Beer Night : A time to remember mom

We had a special family Root Beer Night in honor of my mother, Eileen. Just like other nights we cracked open a bottle we didn’t do anything super special. With a simple toast to the continued memory of Mom and Grandma we sat back and drank Stewart’s Fountain Classic. A smooth old school Root Beer with not much aftertaste.

The specialness of this night was that mom always supported my crazy made up holidays or special routines at gatherings (Taco Palm Sunday, Stretch your Stomach Sunday, MeatLovers Fest, or reading the Thanksgiving Newspapers and many other quirks of my life).  Mom always loved a good time and especial loved the yearly routines and of my events. As long as family, friends, and some food were assembled she was all for it!

Ideas like Root Beer night,She would have loved to gather and crack one open.

Keep checking every day this week to see posts that honor my Mom…

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