The power of the thumb: Reflection of my Mom

Mom dressed up for Halloween giving this boy a "like"

Mom dressed up for Halloween giving this boy a

I found myself cleaning up my mothers Facebook today as we are trying to make it more of a memorial page.

Deleting all the game and events invites. (Side Note: Please stop spamming people with your invites that are not relevant to them or not living anywhere near your event. You are ruining the effectiveness of those Facebook features. End Note.) I was going through my mom’s liked pages and groups she was involved in and I decided to unlike those pages and groups.

The problem came when I thought I had done the work of unliking pages and realized I had just gotten through the ones that she liked in the few months she was alive in 2012. This was going to be a chore to complete because as I went to 2011 there were almost a 100 things she likes. 2010, 2009, 2008 were no different. I began to massage my fingers and got to work making the several clicks needed for each group.

Then the thought hit me somewhere at the end of 2011 that these people are going to be one “like” down. They might think that people hate them. The diligent person that keeps track of their “likes” will think that they offended someone. Because I manage  several pages I know what you can go through seeing the number go down.

The other thing that hit me was that my mother liked everyone. She gave anyone or thing the thumbs up. Granted the thumbs up is no big deal but to my mom and those she gave it too it meant everything. She loved everyone and everyone was welcome to come into her house (or in this instance her facebook page).  No matter if you were gospel music singer, outdoor gardener, or a mystery writer. If you were a big business like Target or a small shop in Stanwood. Maybe you were changing the world or just trying to make a change in your neighborhood.

She gave you the thumbs up! And if she was still with us she would give you another thumbs up and say, “Well done. Keep it up honey. Come over here so we can talk about you.”  I want to live that type of like that is affirming the good in everyone! (Except if you were an extreme liberal politician. She had always hard time understanding them but think she probable sees everyone a bit different now.)

Now if you could stop by four of the four hundred of her likes and give them the thumbs up that would make me feel better.  Maybe they won’t notice they were one down.

Safe Harbor Free Clinic

Casino Roads Kids Ministries

Salem Dream Center

Table Top Ministries

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6 responses to “The power of the thumb: Reflection of my Mom”

  1. melody anderson Rahn says :

    Thank you … She touched MANY people.

  2. Linda Sandmann says :

    Thumbs up to, Joe! I know her boys were always at the top of her ‘like’ list!

  3. William Kluin says :

    There has not been a week that has gone by that we have not heard someone say, I loved that woman. Safe Harbor Free Clinc had a pancake breakfast last Saturday that began with a remembrance of the wonderful person we all came to know and love as Eileen. She touched us in a profound way.

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