Easter Family Gathering

2013-03-31 14.23.26It was really exciting to have Easter Dinner at our house this year. With Grandma having some health issues last month we volunteered. She has been doing really well lately and could have had it her house but the plans were in motion. We had Christy’s parents (Bill and Jean) her brother Mark and his wife Diane and his two adults children Tara and Bill. Bill’s fiance Tracy and their kid Atoli came along. Then we topped it off with Diane’s mother from out-of-town, Joan.

AGrowingFamily we were with a total of 14 for the meal. We set two tables up in the living room with Grandma Sparks (Grandma Jean’s mother) dishes as the center piece of the table. We had ham, turkey breast, fresh Brussels sprouts with green beans, deviled eggs, stuff mushrooms and jalapeno, with a crock pot of (somewhat) cheesy potatoes.  Then we had the best Carrot Cake ever made in the whole world made by Tracy.

We followed the dinner with a special egg hunt in the basement. The weather outside was really nasty with the snow blowing and it being cold. After that we had a special family holiday Root Beer night (but that is tomorrow’s blog).

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2 responses to “Easter Family Gathering”

  1. Isaac Hovet says :

    Sounds like a great day…and now I’m hungry!

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