New Roosevelt Book : The Teddy Bear Men


I found a new Theodore Roosevelt book to my collection this last week at an Antique Store in Osceola WI.  The Teddy Bear Men: Theodore Roosevelt and Clifford Berryman. The copyright is 1987.

I usually don’t buy softcovers but this one doesn’t come in hardback and it was one I have never seen before. Most everyone know who Theodore Roosevelt is but most could not say who Clifford Berryman is. Well he is the cartoonist that made Roosevelt famous for depicting him in local newspapers in 1902 saying “Drawing the line”. It is a picture of him saying he wouldn’t shoot a bear that was being held on a leash by one of his friends.

That cartoon was what started the Teddy Bear craze. This book then is a historical guide for fans to see the evolution of those two characters.

Check out my complete list of Roosevelt books I own. 

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