Lord of the Rings Day renamed…Middle Earth Viewing Day

fellowship of ring

Six years ago when I transferred from a church with Saturday and Sunday services to one with only one on Sunday I made the comment to a friend that I have my Saturdays free for the first time in a while and could watch the whole Lord of the Rings Trilogy in one day if I wanted.  The couple of weeks between those ministry positions I took out my extended version box set and did just that.  Just me in front of the tv for 11 and half hours.

As subsequent Aprils have come and gone I have continued that tradition each year. Several years in my eldest son joined and last year my youngest jumped on board.  We would start around 8:30am and go straight through with only a five-minute break  in the middle of each movie when the first disk is done. There are no breaks at the end of the movie because we thought the credits give enough time to do what we need.

We called this day, Lord of the Rings Day. Yes I know that is original. But a problem, if you can call it that, occurred this year. A new movie came out called, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  We decided not to watch this movie in the theater (another story) and wait until this day. But because of the new movie we can’t use the old name.

So we will call this day, Middle Earth Viewing Day.  Now with over 14 hours of movie we need to start a bit earlier. We will move our tv and stereo to the basement so we can hide from the world.  All food will be prepared down there on the Pizzazz and electric griddle and I have the dorm fridge fully stocked. I am hoping we can bring the Keurig down also.

Wish us luck and if you come by don’t expect any conversation.

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