The Foster Chickens have been adopted

Where did my friends go?

Where did my friends go?

Just a quick update on the ladies in the garage…They are just over five weeks old and all excited about life. I started with 20 and now am down to 14 because my friend David got his coop done before me and took them to their “forever home”.  We have been foster parents for kids and when they leave it was always hard to see them go. This time around with chickens it is much easier. We were sad for a minute or two but know they would be going to a great home with Dad and at least of the daughters are excited about their new pets makes it much easier.

Check out his coop that he built, I just have this one picture sent from a text. I hope to get more pictures soon of the coop and girls to blog about! But for now here are a few from my garage coop.

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