TV interview for my book…Ride On

hayleyI am excited to share that I will be a part of the morning news at our local NBC station (WJFW). Hayley Tenpas does in-studio spotlights on local authors (and other cool people) and wanted to have me stop in for a bit to talk about Ride On.

So tune your rabbit ears in October 8 at 6:20am and check it out. Hopefully I will also get a copy of the video to share with you non locals. Now I need to decide if I should shave and get a hair cut.


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4 responses to “TV interview for my book…Ride On”

  1. bikermonkey says :

    This is so cool! Please post the interview, would love to see it!!!

    • joseph says :

      Will do.. my beard is way to long for tv (i am not to duck dynasty level)…but it will go well when I talk about my hunting short story I am releasing soon..

  2. Trav says :

    One opinion on grooming for the interview…leave the beard and hair alone unless you’ve been wanting to make a change. After all, it’s hunting season and a main theme of the book is riding. Sure, trim it up and make sure there is no breakfast in it on Tuesday…

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