$.99 sale on kindle book coming soon

bestSellerSoloIn one month my first book, Ride On, will be a year old. I have been absolutely shocked at how many books are in circulation and the amazing feedback I have gotten thus far. To say thank you to everyone that has supported me and maybe encourage some that haven’t taken the ride yet I will be discounting my Kindle E-book November 24-30. For a couple of days it will be a part of a Kindle Countdown Deal. It will sell for $.99 and towards the end of the sale it will be $1.99 as it works it way back to the normal price of $2.99.  During the sale, there will be a countdown clock on the site to let you know when the price will be changing.

After the year anniversary I will not be posting my sales figures monthly any more. More infrequently updates will be given. Many authors have thanked me for my transparency about this part of writing…sales. If you are looking to write a book and want to know my experiences I will be more than happy to share everything I can. As I have shown, you write because you can’t see yourself not putting words on a page. You don’t write because of the grand amounts of money or fame you could possible obtain (I have gotten neither).

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