Roosevelt Library Update

I have picked up a couple new Theodore Roosevelt books as of late and got the new one by Kearns Goodwin for Christmas. This makes for just over 90 volumes in my collection. I have more recently been reading books about the Roosevelt family and have been intrigued by his heritage. Churchill’s book gives a nice cursory look at the generations.

Here are the new titles as of recent: Go here for the whole listbullypulpit.

Impressions of Theodore Roosevelt (1919) Lawrence Abbott
His Soul Goes Marching On (1922) Mary Andrews
The Roosevelts, American Aristocrats (1965) Allen Churchill
The Warrior and the Priest, Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt (1983) John Milton Cooper
The Bully Pulpit, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and the Golden Age of Journalism (2012) Doris Kearns Goodwin

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2 responses to “Roosevelt Library Update”

  1. Patrick Crowder says :

    Have you read Theodore Rex? I like Edmond Morris’ presidential bio of Reagan – Dutch. So I got “Rex” recently but I still need to dive in…

    • joseph says :

      Yes I have. It is part of a three volume set. So reading just that one won’t do it completely. If you read all three you will get the best view of Roosevelt.. David mccoulgh..morning on horseback is the best one volume view of his whole life

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