New chicks on the way

rainbow_layers_mainI just made an order for an assortment of new chickens for this summer. This is the first time I have ordered them through the mail. I usually like to go to the store and pick them out. But since we don’t have any local spots to get them (without pre-orders) I thought why not just order them directly. So I went to Murray McMurray, which is a nationally respected place to get all things chickens.

I order 25 of their Rainbow Layer Special…from their website:

If you aren’t set on a particular breed, here is your chance to get a variety of layers that all lay well. Chickens which lay white, tinted, and brown eggs will be supplied in this beautiful assortment. At least 5 different varieties of our choice are included in Rainbow Layers from these groups of chicks: White Egg Layers, Heavy Breeds, Araucanas, and Rare and Unusual Varieties. We cannot guarantee that breeds from all groups will be included. If you’re looking for good layers and want a discount price, our Rainbow Layers will fit the bill.

They will be coming in April and we are excited to see them grow and add them to our current group of year old birds. We will of course share a few with any of our friends that wish to start their own flock.

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2 responses to “New chicks on the way”

  1. laurie craig says :

    I’ll take two please 🙂

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