Ride On Book

Ride On: A Motorcycle Journey to Awaken the Soul and Rediscover its Maker

Available for purchase now!

Buy the paperback on retail on Amazon for $11.99. (they always discount it)

Buy the Kindle Ebook on Amazon for $2.99 or borrow for free if you are a Prime Member.

Contact Joseph (jrfehlen@gmail.com) for bulk rate purchases, free promotional copies, or to arrange a book signing, interview or speaking engagement.

Blog Interview or articles on other websites.

(5/8/2013) Phil Zarns @philzarns :: Author of ‘The Soundtrack of Your Life
(5/6/2o13) Jeff Weddle
(1/8/2013) Biker Monkey
(12/13/2012) E Biker Leather
(12/3/2012) Live Radio Interview from Seattle

(coming soon) A.J. Swoboda :: @mrzjswoboda :: Author of “Messy

(coming soon) Brandon Carleton  :: @bcthegeek :: Better known as Justin Beiber’s brother at @thelostbeiber

(coming soon) John Fehlen :: @johnfehlen ::  He ain’t heave he’s my brother

(coming soon) Tim Mossholder :: @TimMossholder :: Head lab tech at @DiscipleshipLab and author of ‘Ready for Revival

(coming soon) Brent Walters :: @bikermonkeyblog :: One of the coolest motorcyclist I have never met!

(coming soon) Adam Bradley ::  @adamfusion :: Designer of my cover and author of ‘Adventures of a Stay at Home Dad

(coming soon) Doug Bursch :: @fairlyspiritual :: Seattle Radio host and master of the profound

Check out my Amazon Reviews for Ride On.

Sales updates:
April 2013
March 2013
February 2013
January 2013
December 2012

Blog updates about the book:

Fellow Mechanics (those that helped me with the book)
Several way you can purchase the book
Cover concepts to choose from
Why I think we need another motorcycle
Check out (and vote) on my book title
Book Section Overview
Book Jacket Description
My son Samuel takes a crack at editing the book.

Original blogs that got this whole thing started:

Motorcycle community
The Helmet of Silence
Unnecessary Baggage
Riding in the Rain
I Have a Problem

8 responses to “Ride On Book”

  1. TLV says :

    enjoyed your book from both a biker and Jesus point of view. Borrowed it last nite from Tim and Kari and just finished it.
    Maybe see you on the road this summer.

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