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Gran Caribe Real Resort : Family Vacation Games and Activities Photos

Besides all the previous blogs of things we took part in while in Cancun we found time to do some other activities. Check them out and enjoy our last blog about our vacation.


Gran Caribe Real Resort : Beach and Pool Family Vacation Photos

Well you go to Cancun for the warmth. It was a balmy 80+ degrees when we were there so the time in the water was a must. Pool in the morning and beach in the later afternoon was our normal routine. We had a great time having the waves crash on us and chilling out on the Gran Caribe’s beach chairs.

Gran Caribe Real Resort Facilities : Family Vacation Photos

Here are some shots of the buildings and grounds of the Gran Caribe Real Resort that we stayed at last week for our 20th anniversary family vacation.  The workers did a great job keeping the place looking amazing. This is a great place for families and even though the place was full you would never know it by how they use all the space.

Gran Caribe Real Resort : Food and Drink Family Vacation Photos

The Gran Caribe is an all-inclusive resort where you eat and drink as much as your heart desires.  After the initial shock of eating too much the first day we settled into a good groove of first breakfast at Gaviotas which was open to experience the morning surf.  We would then go inside to Albatros to cool down and have second breakfast.

After hanging out by the pool for a bit we would head to the outdoor Sunset Grill where we could sit down and order off the menu for first lunch. After a short nap inside we would head down to the beach and grab a quick second lunch back at the Gaviotoas buffet. After the sun set we could then head over to Pescatore or Maria’s for a more eloquent sit down dinner. Most of the time we just preferred to head back to the buffet at the Albatros.  Every spot was great and the options changed each day.  Besides the eating we were constantly drinking different variations of smoothies and sodas.  Even down at the ocean or at the pool servers would come by to see if you needed anything.  

Gran Caribe Real Resort : Vacation Photos of the Family

We spent last week at the Gran Caribe Real in Cancun Mexico to celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary (6/4/94) with the whole family.  This was a great time together as we disconnected from technology and reconnected with each other. As a growing family we have always placed a high value on family experiences and that usually includes a trip of some sort every year. One doesn’t need to go away to “get away” but it is always nice to take a once a decade trip like this with those you love.

We were gone a whole week and spent 5 nights at the resort.  Here are a few pictures from our week. We will be posting a new blog with more photos these next few days.

Snow to sand and back again

We left this a week ago….


To experience this….


All to return to more of this….and unable to get into our driveway because the snow was too much


Life is good!!!!!

More pictures of the stuff in the middle will come later.