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theodore-roosevelt2Here is the list of books I own about Theodore Roosevelt. Check out the “Roosevelt” category of the blog for thoughts. (*)newer additions to my libary.

Homeward Bound Edition Series (1910) Roosevelt, Theodore (first 20 books on this list)

  • American Ideals
  • Hunting the Grisly and other sketches
  • Hunting trips of a ranchman & Hunting trips on the prairie and in the mountains
  • Presidential Addresses and State Papers (Vol I) February 19, 1902 to May 13, 1903
  • Theodore Presidential Addresses and State Papers (Vol II) December 3, 1901 to January 4, 1904
  • Presidential Addresses and State Papers (Vol III)  April 7, 1904 to Mary 9, 1905
  • Presidential Addresses and State Papers (Vol IV)  May 10, 1905 to April 12, 1906
  • Presidential Addresses and State Papers (Vol V) April 14, 1906 to January 14, 1907
  • Presidential Addresses and State Papers (Vol VI)   January 16, 1907 to October 25, 1907
  • Presidential Addresses and State Papers (Vol VII) November 15, 1907 to November 26, 1908
  • Presidential Addresses and State Papers and European Addresses December 8, 1908 to June 7, 1910
  • The Naval War of 1812 (Vol I)
  • The Naval War of 1812 (Vol II)
  • The Rough Riders
  • The strenuous Life
  • The Wilderness Hunter
  • The winning of the west (Vol I )
  • The winning of the west (Vol II)
  • The winning of the west (Vol III)
  • The winning of the west (Vol IV )
  • American Ideals and other essays, social and political (1897) Roosevelt, Theodore
  • Theodore Roosevelt the citizen (1904)   Riis, Jacob A
  • The Panama Canal (1913) Haskin, Frederic
  • Life of Theodore Roosevelt (1919) Lewis, Wm Draper
  • *Impressions of Theodore Roosevelt (1919) Abbott, Lawrence
  • *His Soul Goes Marching On (1922) Andrews, Mary
  • Theodore Roosevelt (1923) Charnwood, Lord
  • East of the Sun and West of the moon (1926) Roosevelt, Theodore & Kermit
  • Theodore Roosevelt’s Diaries of boyhood and youth (1928) Roosevelt, Theodore
  • Roosevelt: The Story of a friendship (1930) Wister, Owen
  • Theodore Roosevelt: A Biography (1931) Pringle, Henry F
  • The Boys Life of Theodore Roosevelt (1937) Hagedorn, Hermann
  • The Roosevelt Family of Sagamore Hill   (1953) Hagedorn, Hermann
  • The story of Theodore Roosevelt (1953) Neilson, Winthrop
  • Theodore Roosevelt and the rise of America to World Power (1956) Beale, Howard K
  • Day before Yesterday: The reminiscences of Mr.s Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (1959) Roosevelt, Eleanor B.
  • Power and responsibility:  The life and times of Theodore Roosevelt (1961)
  • Bamie: Theodore Roosevelt’s Remarkable sister (1963) Rixey, Lilian
  • Roosevelt and Wilson : A comparative study (1965) Elletson, D.H.
  • *The Roosevelts : American Aristocrats (1965) Chruchill, Allen
  • Theodore Roosevelt: A profile (1968) Keller, Morton
  • Theodore Roosevelt and the International Rivalries (1970) Esthus, Raymond
  • Princess Alice: The biography of Alice Roosevelt Longworth (1975) Brough, james
  • The Republican Roosevelt (1977) Blum, John Morton
  • The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (1979)  Morris, Edmund
  • Edith Kermit Roosevelt: Portrait of a first lady (1980) Morris, Sylvia Jukes
  • Morning on Horseback (1981) McCullough, David
  • TR and the Dakota Badlands (1983) Brooks and Mattison
  • Warrior and the Priest: Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt (1983) Cooper, John Milton
  • The One Bad Thing About Father (1987) Monjo, F.N.
  • The Teddy Bear Men : Theodore Roosevelt & Clifford Berryman (1987) Mullins, Linda
  • Alice Roosevelt longworth (1988) Felsenthal , Carol
  • Teddy Roosesvelt: Young Rough Rider (1989) Parks, Edd Winfield
  • Alice and Edith  A Biographical Novel of the two wives of TR (1989) Wilson, Dorothy Clarke
  • Bully for You: Teddy Roosevelt (1991) Fritz, Jean
  • Theodore Roosevelt: A life (1992) Miller, Nathan
  • The Roosevelts: An American Saga (1994) Collier, Peter
  • Commissioner Roosevelt: The story of TR and the New York City Police (1994) Jeffers, H. Paul
  • My last chance to be a boy: Theodore Roosevelt (1994) Ornig, Joseph
  • Carry a big stick: The uncommon heroism  of Theodore Roosevelt (1996) Grant, George
  • TR: The last Romantic (1997) Brands, H.W.
  • The Roosevelt Women (1998) Caroli, Betty Boyd
  • The Lion’s Pride: TR and his family in Peace and War (1998) Renehan, Edward
  • Theodore Roosevelt: The american Presidents Series (2001) Auchincloss, Louis
  • The Roosevelt’s cousins : Growing up together  1882 – 1924 (2001) Donn , linda
  • Theodore Rex (2001) Morris, Edmund
  • The Select letters of Theodore Roosevelt (2001) H.W. Brands
  • Theodore Roosevelt: A Strenuous Life (2002) Dalton, Kathleen
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Our twenty-sixth President (2002) Gaines, Ann G
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Larger than Life (2003)
  • Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership: Executive Lessons from the Bully Pulpit (2003) Strock, James
  • 1912: Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft and Debs, the election that changed the country (2004) Chance, james
  • Teddy Roosevelt: The people’s President (2004) Gayle, Sharon
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Heroes of History (2005) Benge, Janet & Geoff
  • Theodore Roosevelt: The Adventurous President (2005) DeMauro, Lisa
  • A Fierce Discontent: The rise and fall of the progressive Movement in America (2005) McGerr, Michael
  • The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey (2005) Millard, Candice
  • When Trumpets Call: TR After the White House (2005) O’Toole, Patricia
  • Bully Boy: The truth about TR (2006) Powell, Jim
  • The Making of America Time Magazine 5th Annual Special on TR (2006) Time Magazine
  • The King and the Cowboy: TR and Edward the seventh secret partners (2008) Fromkin, David
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Preacher of righteousness (2008) Hawley, Joshua David
  • The Wilderness Warrior:  Theodore Roosevelt and the crusade for America (2009) Brinkley, Douglas
  • The Seven Worlds of Theodore Roosevelt (2009) Wagenknecht, Edward
  • Colonel Roosevelt (2010) Morris, Edmund
  • The war lovers: Roosevelt  lodge and the rush to empire 1898 (2010) Thomas, Evan
  • Bully: Illustrated life and times of Theodore Roosevelt (2011) Marschall, Rick
  • Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands (2011) Di Silvestro, Roger
  • Guest of Honor: Booker T. Washington, Theodore Roosevelt and the White House Dinner that Shocked a Nation (2011)   Davis, Deborah
  • Honor in the Dust: Theodore Roosevelt, War in the Philippines and the Rise and Fall of America’s Imperial Dream(2012) Jones, Gregg
  • *The Bully Pulpit: Theordore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft and the Golden age of Journalism (2013) Kearns Goodwin, Doris

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  1. Isaac Hovet says :

    That is an amazing list!

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